Teaching Methods

Preparation before class
Class preparation through E-learning platform
Preparation of targeted teaching materials
Teaching & Learning during the class
Live Online Teaching - face to face with the teacher
Face to face study through TOT's Live Online Teaching Platform
Live Online teaching content and preview learning content are consistent
Feedback Email (Review & Test) after class
Teacher will send the feedback email after each class to help the students complete the review, test and self-evaluation after class.
Perfect combination of learning process & teaching methods
Brilliant teaching service & learning experience to language learners

Our Materials

We have all kinds of teaching materials to meet the learning needs of different students. Let’s take the materials of TCFL courses as an example.

1) Materials for HSK test: Official Common Chinese
The vocabularies, grammars and teaching important points of <Official Common Chinese> including teaching materials from TOT are all based on<New HSK examination guideline> released by Hanban, China. All texts in <Official Common Chinese> are selected from daily life, work or study which cover the main scenes of a foreigner's work and life in China.
This series of teaching materials is aimed at that the learners can not only master the language ability of Chinese, but also pass the HSK examination successfully.
2) Materials for oral Chinese: Daily Chinese
This series of teaching materials of are aimed at the foreign friends who work, live or settle in China. The scenes of this series of teaching materials cover 150 Chinese scenes of all the necessary areas in daily life of a foreigner which can help you master survival Chinese and work or live without language barriers.
3) Materials for children: HAHA-Subject Mandarin For Children
The teaching objectives and important points of <HAHA-Subject Mandarin For Children> series teaching materials are based on <YCT examination guide-line> released by Hanban, China, which are for non-native Chinese speaking children aged 3-12. During the mandarin teaching process, we popularize knowledge of nature, society, science, art, painting, humanity and so on. At the same time we develop the comprehensive quality of children. After the learning, students can pass the matching examinations of YCT successfully.
4) Materials for Chinese character: Chinese Character Quick Learning
The teaching materials of <Chinese Character Quick Learning> use story scenes as the clue and connects it with Chinese characters before each chapter. It can not only improve the learners’ logic of learning, but also help them memorize these characters and improve the learners’ interests in learning. The interpretation of Chinese character and the application statement are both equipped with pictures for explanation, and as a result, they will be easy to learn and understand.

Tailor-made learning proposal

Our teachers can provide tailor-made teaching programs according to our Students’ needs and interests. And the teachers will adjust the teaching progress, teaching methods and teaching proposals whenever necessary.

Our Teachers

High quality teachers with experience in teaching native language as a foreign language and the culture.

We have a strict selection and training process. Each TOT teacher must take part in a 200-hour training program before he or she can conduct language lessons. To ensure teaching quality, each TOT teacher will receive on the job coaching and weekly evaluation. At TOT, the most professional standard is guaranteed.

Our teachers are professional language teachers, graduates in language studies, or with overseas education exposures.

We are well versed with international teaching skills and methodology. Our professional teaching team at TOT is in the position to create teaching theory and design teaching skills and technology. Through our "role-play", "game and practice", "language pointers and substitution exercise", "memory practice", and our highly effective teaching material and various teaching tools, we are gaining praises and recognition for our process and results of language teaching from our clients and students. We also provide regular term tests, professional evaluations and study reports.

Our Service

Professional course consultants are always ready to serve you. They will accommodate your study demands; design the most suitable learning proposal; track your learning progress; Help you settle down in a new city; solve any problems in your studies.