Getting Started

  • What are Requirements of Applicants?
    • 1. University Qualification
    • 2. 20-45 years old
    • 3. Bachelor’s Degree or Teaching Qualification (e.g. Teaching License, PGCE, DELTA, CELTA, TEFL etc.).
    • 4. Resume and 1 - 3 minute Introduction Video
    • 5. A valid passport copy
    • 6. Priority is given to applicants who have Education, Cultural, Linguistics, Language or specialized background (e.g. Asian Studies, Speech Therapy etc.).
    • 7. Native or C2 in your teaching language(s)
    • 8. You are required to upload copies of all your relevant documents (for CV, References and Employment Statements upload them under Certificates)
  • What’s the application process like?
    • Step 1: Registered in our website and submit your CV and introduction video, certificates
    • Step 2: Book interview to know each other
    • Step 3: 30mins demo class
    • Step 4: Training
    • Step 5: Sign contract
  • How should I book my interview?
    You will receive an email with an interview invitation when your resume passes screening. We will send your our position introduction that you can know us more, then we will schedule your interview over there. Please note that we will schedule in Beijing Time, which is UTC+8.
  • Where will the interview take place?
    The interview with TopOnlineTeachers takes place in our teaching platform, you will be able to download and sign up for free.
  • What will be an interview like?
    We will double confirm your accent, what subjects you would teach, pay rate, our teacher policy and your avaiable schedule for teaching.
  • What will be a demo class like?
    Our HR team will set up 30mins demo class for you, they will send you the student's information and two lessons files. You need to look through the materials to prepare for the demo class.
  • Why is the interview and demo so important?
    We need to know you more about your teaching style and make sure you have known how to use zoom and our teaching materials.
  • What are the different type of classes?
    • There are 3 different types of classes.
    • Free Trial Classes: It’s a chance to show your teaching style and get students, you will be noted the students' information from consultants to prepare the materials, you should send evaluation report to your students after class.
    • Regular Classes: You will teach students by using our lesson plan or students’ requirements based on fixed schedule.
    • Summer & Winter Holiday Camp Classes: We have English Reading, Phonics, Grammar. Writing, English Math, Science and so on in holiday camps. We will recommend you to join the program if you have excellent performance in regular classes.
  • Do I need to prepare teaching materials?
    We provide our teachers teaching materials and lesson plan, but teachers also should prepare extra expanding materials for students.
  • Do teachers need to communicate directly with parents?
    All of our teachers will have a chinese consultant who is actually a middle man between a teacher and upcoming students. Consultant's job is to schedule lessons and communicate with both teachers and parents about teaching plan and schedule.
    Teachers should accept consultants teaching advices and adjust teaching plans timely.
  • Do teachers always teach the same students?
    Yes, teachers will have the same students to take regular classes at the same time.
  • How long is the contract for?
    6 months at least .
  • What equipment do I need?
    -A desktop or a laptop with a webcam – The platform does not work on mobile devices like phones or tablets or IPad
    -A headset with microphone – We require a headset to increase the quality of your hearing and a microphone to cut down on ambient noise.
    -High-speed internet – You will be receiving and transmitting audio and video streams in the course of teaching.
    Registered in our teaching platforms:
  • 1. Non- distracting
    2. Quiet surroundings ,NO echo and noise
    3. Light-filled in room
    4. Any clothing except beach wear, tank tops, offensive pictures on clothing
    5. Remove piercings and cover tattoos.
    6. Teaching in a normal facilities like table and chair, don’ t teach on your bed or sofa.
  • What's the pay rate?
    USD10-USD20 is our hourly rate, your nationality、accent、teaching experience、teaching subjects and demo class decide your final pay rate.
  • When and how will teachers be paid?

    All of our teachers will be paId twice per month via PayPal.

    You can check the first half salary on the 15th and second half salary on the last day of each month in our system; our finance department will pay you in 3 days to your salary account when you have confirmed the salary report.

  • I have a question about my pay, who should I contact?
    You can contact your consultant or send an email to our Finance Department.
  • When renewing a contract, can teachers qualify for a raise?
    We have wage policy for teachers; you will get a raise if you are qualified.
  • How long is the contract? Can teachers take breaks during the contract?

    Our contract is 6 months at least.

    For a temporary travel within two weeks, please notice your consultant at least one month in advance. If the vacation is more than two weeks, we have right to move your students to the other teachers.

  • Problems with camera,speakers,micophone
    The teacher should make sure the teaching equipment working well, including internet, Zoom/QQ software, power, laptop, mic, headset, etc, we will reschedule classes until you have fixed them.
  • Email. Skype. WeChat
    We strongly recommend you to install and use WeChat to contact us for job communication, as Skype doesn’t work well in China.
  • How to schedule classes with students?
    First our students will take a FREE trial class with you, if you get students successfully, you will teach them on the exact same day and exact same time every week for a long period of time.
  • I am sick and I need to cancel my classes, what should I do?
    You can contact your consultant at least 2 hours before the class through WeChat /Skype/QQ.
  • What kind of feedback do I need to provide after a class?
    Trial lesson report: Teachers should write the trial lesson report after each trial lesson via our website as format.
    Regular lesson feedback: Teachers Should write the feedback within 24hrs after each lesson via our website as format.