Teacher induction process

  • 1. After the success of the interview, go through the “training emails” before the foreign teacher manager arranges training.
  • 2. Send clear photos (clear background, look professional, smile) and PayPal account (contact your bank to find out how PayPal works and how you can link it to your bank account).
  • 3. Sign the contract (you can sign the electronic contract directly)
  • 4. Record self-introduction video (tips will be provided below).
  • 5. Receive welcome email, website account and password.
  • 6. Your assigned training consultant will guide you with the website operation, learning materials, familiar with the class process, etc.
  • 7. After familiarizing yourself with all the processes, the training consultant will arrange a demo class and you need to learn the skills of the class.
  • 8. You will be assigned to another dedicated course consultant to prepare and teach different students.
  • The training includes around one hour session with Top Online Teacher’s teacher manager. The training session will focus on the following aspects:

    • How to use the learning materials provided by TOT, especially Wonders.
    • How to use the website.
    • What the introduction video requirements are.
    • What to expect in the demo lesson? Here, some tips as well as an example video will be provided to assist the new teacher.
  • Why we need an introduction video?

    It's the first impression that students and parents get with your accent, prior experience, and subjects you are able to teach. This is also the video they view before deciding if they want to book lessons with you. A good video helps you get more new students.

    Tips for recording the video:


    Speak with passion and use a lot of body language and TPR where necessary to showcase your teaching style.

    Record the video in a quiet and professional environment. Make sure there are not many distractions around you while recording.

    Think outside of the box and try and give the parents a taste of what your classes will be like, in this video.

    Mp4 format and not more than 80M

    If you could put music and some special elements would be perfect

    • 1. Add the following in your video:
    • 2. Name and surname as well as country of residence.
    • 3. Teaching experience: It is preferred that you mention your prior teaching related experience.
    • 4. Education: Your certificates, diplomas and degrees (Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree and TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificates). You can even show these certificates and degrees in your video.
    • 5. Subjects you can teach: Add the different subjects you are able to teach. The following section will provide a list of basic and extra courses TOT provides.
    • 6. Hobbies: Add the things you like to do in your free time. For example, reading, playing guitar or piano, doing sports etc.
  • It is important to note that the time on your schedule will always be indicated in BJT (Beijing Time +8 time zone). Your weekly schedule will be indicated on the website, which you can access by inserting your details (username and password-this will be provided by your training consultant after you have passed your demo class).

    Peak times

    The most popular times students choose to have class is during weekends and in the evening. Meaning, weeknights from 17:00 BJT and Saturdays as well as Sundays from the morning hours straight through to the evening.

    Vacation times

    During the summer (July to September) and winter (January to February) vacations there might be more slots at earlier times in the day as well. You might be expected to put in more hours during these holidays because there will be more extra classes that the students would want to take.

  • Here is a list of the courses we currently teach; however, you are welcome to indicate any extra subjects or languages you are proficient in and feel comfortable teaching.

    Basic courses:

    Reading, Phonics, Speaking, Grammar, and Writing


    Maths, Science, History, Geography.These subjects differ from level and grade. You need to indicate which subject as well as grade you are comfortable or have experience teaching.


    Japanese, Spanish etc. Please indicate any additional language you can speak and teach.



  • Before getting a permanent student, you need to provide a trial class of thirty (30) minutes. The material for the class will be provided by your consultant. Together with the material (Textbook or pdf document), the consultant will also give you a Trial class PPT, which includes introduction (getting to know the student questions).

    Make sure you double-check with your consultant about the level and age of the student and prepare the provided material accordingly. You are welcome to use additional resources to aid your lesson (YouTube videos, games, pictures).

  • Support Equipment and Hardware
    • Help teachers optimize their Video and Profile to attract the students they want.
    • Understand and market the teacher's background, including available schedule, preferred subjects and teaching style.
    • Help teachers get the most out of Zhumu platform:including toolbar use, setting up personal ID, sharing computer sound and video, etc.
    • TOT Teacher Portal: Help explain website functions, including the process and techniques of writing feedback and stage reports, how and when to confirm our salary, and help with any questions regarding the Teacher Portal.
    • Communicate on a timely basis with TOT Teachers using messenger programs such as Skype, WeChat or QQ.
  • Support for Classes
    • Meeting before Trial Class: Help teachers prepare for this trial classes, including helping with use of Zhumu, explaing and answering questions regarding the trial class, preparing suggestions for the trial class, providing class material, helping with the Trial Feedback Report and with the Post-Trial Class Process.
    • Communicate to Teachers regarding Opportunities to teach Special Classes, including Group Classes, Extended Classes & Special Conversation Classes.
    • For general courses: provide feedback to teachers and offer teaching suggestions as appropriate, communicate with parents regarding course requirements, and assist teachers in providing the best possible learning experience for their students.
    • Support teachers as necessary with textbook selection, class schedules, and special requirments from parents and work with teachers to develop learning plans.
  • Rescheduling or cancelling classes
    • Support students in adding, substituting and rescheduling classes as well as handling requests for leave.
    • Support teachers in communication regarding rescheduling or cancellation of classes.
  • Other
    • Work with teachers to manage their available teaching time slots.
    • Work with teachers to help them get more classes and maintain the stability of their current students.
  • Consultant responsibilities
    • Help teachers get the number of type of students best for them.
    • Attend beginning of most classes to insure student and teacher are there.
    • Assist as necessary with communication between teachers and students and their parents.
    • Communicate policies and procedures of TopOnlineTeachers.
    • Receive feedback from teachers, students and parents regarding classes to maintain great student and teacher satisfaction.